Photo Credits and Use Policies

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Before using any photos on this site, please READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE FIRST, then check the photo attribution underneath the photo in question and cross-reference the author/photographer attribution list on this page to find out if distribution rights are granted.

Any photo which DOES NOT have branded within the image is not the property of this web site. This type of photo should have the appropriate attribution displayed in text underneath which MUST BE cross-referenced against the author/photographer attribution list on this page for proper use policies. DO NOT USE these photos without checking here first, you may otherwise be susceptible to copyright laws which could lead to prosecution. is not responsible for unauthorized use of these photos. See DO NOT USE MY BANDWIDTH below before using these photos.

Any photo on this site with branded within the image is free to use as long as the photo is not altered in any way other than standard web site optimization or resizing to fit your needs per the Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0. The branding must remain in tact and must remain fully visible and not used in such a way as to seem as an endorsement for you, your company or your site. See DO NOT USE MY BANDWIDTH below before using these photos.

Any photo which has NEITHER the branding or an author attribution is a photo found commonly on the web and is considered public domain. does not intentionally use unauthorized photos. If you are the copyright holder of any photo on this site which does not properly attribute the photo to you or if you want your photo taken down, please contact me at and I will immediately oblige.

DO NOT USE MY BANDWIDTH to display photos on your site. Download the photo to your computer first, then upload to your own server. No exceptions. THIS IS CRITICAL since I reserve the right to remove the photo or replace any photo on this site with another photo of my choosing and of any type I feel compelled to display. This means that if you are using my bandwidth to display a photo on your site that at any time that photo could unexpectedly disappear or change to a completely unrelated subject matter or to a full-blown ad campaign for this, or some other site—without warning or notification.

Please do not ask to use my bandwidth. I only have so much bandwidth alloted to me each month and want to keep this site active for my users. I will NEVER grant ANYONE the right to use my bandwidth for any reason, under any circumstances, so again, DO NOT ASK.

AUTHOR / PHOTOGRAPHER ATTRIBUTION LIST (alphabetical, last name first if applicable)

Usage: Some Rights Reserved


Usage: Some Rights Reserved






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    Hi, I read this blog once, then lost it. Took me forever to come back and find it. I wanted to see what comments you got. Great blog by the way.

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